Just a reminder family that the box will be closed from today 10am onwards, no class this afternoon and no class tomorrow (Saturday). Join us at Silverstar Casino in Krugersdorp to see our 7 teams in action. We will post the program here as soon as we know more.  All the best to our athletes throwing down in their teams. Tonights schedule:-
@the Globe - Mens Open Team:-
Scale from Vale - 18:39 (Rob, Wesley, Paolo, Justin, Mark)
Ladies Open Team:-
Team B4C - 19:44 (Lyzette, Robyn, Roxanne)
Muscle & Mascara - 20:01 (Bianca, Tarryn, Giselle)
@ the Piazza
B4C Springchickens - 18:20 (Kerryn, Bonny, Charmain)
B4C Bad Boys - 19:25 (Sven, Vilko, Paul)
Men at Work (Pops, Mike, Adam)
B4C Bullets - 20:05 (Danie, John, Claudio)
Got Calves Crew - (Nelson, Grant, Shaun)

You guys trained hard and put in the effort, now Let;s play!