Since school level I was a competitive athlete and then finished 18 months of military service in the Parachute Betallion.
I got my 3rd Dan in Mixed Martial Arts in 1993 and also has a body building back ground since 1994.  I became the only certified Taebo instructor in South Africa and opened my own studio in 2004.
I was introduced to CrossFit in early 2008 by a friend that is a soldier.  After visiting the website I haven't stopped.  I started training on my own according to HQ WOD's and did my Level I in Sept 2008.  I became affiliated and opened CrossFit Rebel (the 1st CrossFit box in South Africa). After winning at the 1st CrossFit
Africa Regional Qualifiers in May 2009 I got to compete at the Games in Aromas in July 2009. At the 2010 Africa Qualifier I placed 3rd with the individuals and our affiliate qualified to compete at the Games in Carsons California, I was the coach to our affiliate.
In 2011 I finished 1st on the podium for the Africa Regionals and competed in Carsons LA.
In 2012 I took 2nd place on the podium for the Africa Regionals. Although I am not a youngster anymore I feel that I still have what it takes to be a competitive athlete. I am strong minded and with any physical obstacle I will keep on fighting until I can't do it.  It is my passion to share CrossFit and help people grow within themselves and I rely on my faith to take me the distance.
I am training on continuously as a competitive athlete, train clients on a 1 on 1 basis with Personal training and Coach all the classes at B4C Fitness Centre.


Charmain Du Preez:
I am a mother of two boys and been married since 1991. I Worked in the Corporate industry until 2004 and joined Danie in 2005 by becoming his assistant Taebo Instructor. I became a Preggy Bellies Instructor in 2007 and qualified as a CrossFit L1 coach in 2008 and together with my husband Danie we registered and opened the 1st CrossFit Affiliate in South Africa. My husband is a competitive athlete and I became his mental coach and best supporter during his competitive season. I am assistant coach at B4C and also the administrator.
Being overweight and my battle with food addiction was the story of my life, but in 2013 I have overcome it and after loosing a lot of weight and restoring my relationship with food I have found my drive and my passion by helping people with nutrition and lifestyle goals. Being able to live our dream of working together with my husband is one of the many gifts and Grace received out of God’s hand.


Paulo Nunes:
I am married with a beautiful wife, father to an amazing little boy.
I've been a trainer since 2013 and absolutely love every second!
I'm obsessed empowering myself with knowledge about different training disciplines and then using the skills to better myself and more importantly, sharing it with others, this would explain my 16 International Qualifications:
Personal training, CrossFit Level 1, Pilates, Traditional Russian Kettlebells, Swedish massage, Sports massage, Boxing, Kickboxing, Group training, Gym instruction, TRX suspension training, VIPR, Primal attack, SAQ (speed agility and quickness) Sandbags, Nutrition and have no intentions of slowing down!
I joined the B4C family in Aug 2015 as the Movement Specialist and I am honoured to work alongside Danie and Charmain and feel blessed and excited to be coaching and training with amazing athletes and amazing people!

At B4C we keep the programming interesting and offer a huge variety of movements that caters for everybody’s needs. Our clients are having the most incredible results and we love to be part of their journey.