Shaun Britz (Feb 2018)
When you join B4C,you don’t just join another gym or Crossfit box.You join a family that is led by Faith,Respect and Perseverance which to me are 3 key things to possess in life.
Honestly,I would rather quit Crossfit than go to another box.The coaches are amazing and push to better yourself constantly but not overdo it.

Top class box,top class coaches and a top class family
Angela Ducroq (Feb 2018)
Why didn't I join a long time ago! Such caring and loving people, feels like my own family!! Highly skilled instructors. My body feels alot stronger after only two months and I have lost 3kg
Michael Mandla Scarth-Wall (June 2016)
Two thoughts come to mind with B4C: "Practice what you preach" and "Authenticity" and the combination of these variables demonstrate that Danie, Charmaine and Paolo act with humility. Their positive outlook and encouragement for each member at their facility should serve as a shining example to the rest of the community to emulate. Thank you for the awesome journey so far.
Carol Hill
Crossfit B4C is number one. Danie and Charmain always motivate and inspire. Our fellow Crossfitters at the Box really know how to throwdown and also are an amazing bunch to be with
Love Crossfit B4C xxxxxx
Ryan Quirk
Top Class ! One of the best out there and the knowledge from the coaches is world class! Come and try it for yourself!
Razia Samson
B4C is more than a Crossfit Box, it's family. Danie, Charmaine and Paolo are the best in the game and they helping people change their lives. #topdrawstuff #teamspirit #motivationatitsbest #gamechangers
Kinny Khumisi
Iam getting stronger and stronger everyday, no regrets at all...... iam Loving it. NO PAIN NO GAIN @B4C_FITNESS
Carol Hill:
One of the reasons for starting Crossfit years ago, was to always be able to keep up with the
grandchildren....and this I proved this weekend.....Daniel was on Pop's shoulders, and IssyBells was on my shoulders while we walked around Rosebank Mall.......but, we didnt't just walk.....we...cantered at intervals, the two of us... and I came up Smiling........thanks Danie & Charmian xxx :)
Unathi Boniwe:
Hi Charmain, I just want to say thank you for accepting me into the B4C family. I truly feel at home there. I speak so proudly about you and Danie to my family and friends. Love it
Angelique de Bruyn:
Ok they say it's not official until it's on facebook.... So here it is!
So I jump on the scale this cold Friday morning, noticing that I've lost another kilo! Only a while later does reality kick in, today marks a very BIG day in my life, a day that I will never ever forget, a day that I have marked off in my dairy to remember for the rest of my life! This day has taken me 6 months to get to but it has finally made its appearance! TODAY I REALISED I HAVE LOST AN OFFICIAL AMOUNT OF 30KGS !!!! Yes you have read correctly, 30kgs down and 10 more to go! No gastric bypass. NO DIET PILLS... This journey has consisted of many ups and downs, sweat, tears, moods, many different emotions, hard work, dedication, pushing myself to do things I thought I was never capable of and healthy eating (not always the best meals) but it's all worth it! I will not give up my lifestyle, this is now how I shall remain! Looking forward to many more years of fitness and healthy eating!
I just would like to say thank you to everyone for all the stunning compliments, support and for believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself! A HUGE HUGE HUGE thank u Danie & Charmain B4C Fitness Centre...
You guys believed in me since the day I walked into the box and still believe in me, you both are such an inspiration and motivation to me and I don't think this would have been possible without the love and support that you guys give me
Tracy Darling-Aldridge:
After getting back from our December holiday in 2013, and seeing photos of myself, I knew that I needed to do something about my body and weight.  A friend encouraged me to come to a class to see what Crossfit was all about. I started Crossfit one year ago this month (Feb 2014) not really knowing what I was getting into.  I had never done any form of excise before.  Danie & Charmain helped me during each class explaining how to do the various exercises and giving me lots of encouragement. After about three months Charmaine gave me an eating plan to follow which has helped a lot - I have lost a total of 18 kgs. in 12 months.   I also went from going 3 times a week to 5 times a week.  I have loved Crossfit from day one and still do.  I am completely addicted to the way I feel after training!
Whenever I have needed encouragement Danie & Charmaine have been there for me.  I would strongly recommend their classes to anyone who is interested in joining Crossfit.
B4C Rocks!!! Look forward to the next 12 months.
Thanks guys XX
Paul Smith:
This note is long overdue, but it's also taken a lot of thought to compile and "guts" to send
I walked into B4C in January 2013 after finding CrossFit online and being having my curiosity piquedI had no idea what it was and what to expect, but truly thought it seemed "easy"ja ne!
My first WOD was Tuesday 05 Feb 2013the day I smoked my last cigarette (was on two packs a day then)after being sick on the way home and passing out for two hours when we arrived home
I woke up after that first WOD and thought " wow...this was the most amazing feelinga sense of
achievement" but I didn't manage it correctly. I dabbled in a competition or two throughout the year, ate reasonably healthywe had done the Zone challenge and Sam promptly fell pregnant the moment her hormones balanced out so focus also flew out the door. I never really decided what I wanted to do or achieve in CrossFit and simply plodded only until the beast that is known as “14.5"
And I can recall the defining momentwhen Danie shouted in my ear "the next three reps are for you, you wife and your son
Something just clicked thereI can't say what, but I know what I feltI felt a part of something pretty amazing
To have the entire Box in a circle surrounding me waswell words can't describe where I had been my life and what I felt then.
I grew up small, bullied and never really much a part of a group. I carried a very low self-esteem and self-image  throughout my entire life and never had any expectations of self
That day I pushed through and finishedand if it wasn't for all the sweat you would have seen the tears in my eyes I weigh 73kgs now, but I can Clean 80kgs110% my body weight
I relish waking up in the morning to see the WOD, run up the stairs to see what is going to break me the morning and build me back up
I wear shirts now without subconsciously tugging them away from my stomach or chestI it too actually feel a little tight More soI am a happy person. I love my wife and son more for it.
I am a better person, a far more efficient and productive employee.
So thank you for the amazing family you have created in B4C, but more so, thank you for in some way letting something out of me I have longed for I am and always will be eternally grateful for thatand "Suicide Saturdays"
Mike Liebenthal:
This is a massive thank you for all the belief you have in everybody that walks through
B4C's doors...(with all the training we can actually walk through doors...:)..)
You guys have been such an inspiration in my life andmy fitness goals and inspire me everyday.
Competing in my first Crossfit open (2015) I have achieved more than I ever thought I would and that as a masters competitor, did a lot of 'firsts' which has been amazing.
This has given me the motivation to really compete for top spots next year.
Thank you for not just being amazing coaches but a wonderful brother and sister in Christ.

I love watching and helping people succeed, where I can, and its really exciting watching you guys walk into the blessings that God has prepared for you and for B4C.